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Salesian Library: Overdrive

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Read or Listen on a Mobile Device

The Salesian Library offers ebooks and audiobooks for checkout through Overdrive! No longer do you have to worry if it’s the weekend and you’ve run out of books to read, or if it’s summer vacation and you need something right this minute. Our collection has thousands of books for you to check out.

Click here to visit Salesian's Digital Library on Overdrive.

How do I use Overdrive?

Click here to visit Overdrive’s Help Center, where you can watch device-specific videos that will help you check out books for the first time. If you have more questions, please come in to talk to your librarian!

Who gets to use Overdrive?
Current Salesian students and employees
. Alumnae cannot access the digital library, but we are happy to provide tips on how to use your public library’s ebooks.

How do I log in?
When prompted, use the 'Log In with Google' option. Enter the email address and password associated with your Salesian Google account, and you're in! If you have any difficulties logging in, please send an email to or come in and speak with your librarian!

What devices can I use?
Overdrive works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Android devices, iOS devices, and Kindles. Before checking out an ebook, you can click on the title and then check the available formats so that you can be sure you are able to read the book in the app or format you wish.

What is in the collection? Is it an exact duplicate of the print collection?
The collection has a variety of fiction and nonfiction books of interest to the Salesian community, as well as audiobooks. Some of the books are titles we also own in print, and some are only available as ebooks.

Does this mean print books are going away?
No! We are offering you more ways to read, not fewer.

Can I put books on reserve?
Yes! If a book is not available for checkout, you can mouse over it and click on “Hold.”

How long can you keep a book checked out?
Up to three weeks. The default is two weeks, but you may change this setting in your account.

Are there overdue fees?
No. Books automatically delete from your device when the checkout period has lapsed.

Why are some books not available?
Just like our print collection, we do not own every book ever published! But our collection is always growing. If you have a suggestion, you can email your librarian. Unfortunately, many books are simply not available to any library to purchase as ebooks.

Can I use Overdrive over the summer and on breaks?
Yes! The ebook library is open 24/7, so you can always log in and find a book to read.

I still have a question.
Send us an email 
or come into the library to talk to us!